Leads Overview

The majority of service inquiries are produced at the Customer homes with trained canvassers who pre-qualifies the customers.

As a contractor, you know firsthand how important leads can be to the overall success of your business.

Contractors have the ability to make great profits, due to the quick turnaround nature of the project.

Whatever the reason may be 5 Star Home Advisors offers qualified, quality leads looking for home improvement services.


Sample Lead

  • Lead Contact Information
  • Name Kevin Bacon
  • Email kevinjacoby@gmail.com
  • Daytime Phone (512) 555-1212
  • Evening Phone (512) 555-1111
  • Street Address 345 Great Hills Dr
  • Location: Plantation, FL 33321
  • Lead type Window Replacement
  • Appointment Date: 03-01-2017
  • Appointment Time:10 AM

Leads Pricing

  • Customers only pay for Leads they receive
  • We offer exclusive leads!!!
  • We never reuse old leads
  • Pricing will be determined by the type of project.  


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Only the best leads.
Here’s how:

We only target homeowners who have been prequalified at their home for a solar, windows, roofing, HVAC or other home improvement project provider. We highly motivated canvassers which capture them as a lead then deliver to us.  Every single appointment you received has been confirmed by one of our Staff.   



Ready to buy

We target people at the they’re

ready to buy.

High Volume

We qualify over 1000+

Real Time

You get leads when we do so you have the best chance to close.

Cloud-Based CRM

Manage leads with our free cloud-based CRM. Or, seamlessly integrate with your current CRM.

Easy Lead Report

Updated in real time, our lead reports are easy to read and access.

Dedicated Marketing Consultant

On-call to help you grow your business.